10 April 2014


The Xerces Society, named for the extinct California butterfly, Xerces Blue, is currently working to advance conservation of bumblebee habitat.  The society focuses on several conservation issues including the preservation of native pollinators.  In 2010, the society’s scientists developed a bee-friendly conservation strategy, the Yolo Natural Heritage Program, operated in Yolo County California.

An international non-profit organization, the Xerces Society, acts as an advocate for a number of species and their habitats. The organization’s members seek to work together with citizens, educators, and researchers on conservation and related educational projects. The organization’s efforts are not only directed to the preservation of native pollinators, but to other endangered species and watershed health.

The Yolo Natural Heritage Program (YNHP) is a habitat focused conservation plan and strategy for Yolo County, California. The program’s goal is to conserve “natural open space” and “agricultural landscapes” that also provide increasingly limited habitats for many local species.

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