HIVE: What is a “Beehaus Hive”?

30 October 2014

The Short Answer (TSA)

The Beehaus is both a brand of beehive and a type of beehive.   The Beehaus is so closely patterned after the Dartington beehive that few consider it a new design. But, developed by the British company, Omlet, the Beehaus is probably one of the first “full service” mass produced beehive tailored to the amateur urban beekeeper.

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The Beehaus incorporates all of the features and advantages of the Dartington beehive, but adds some especially convenient features to make, at least, the beehive part of beekeeping much easier for the urban amateur.

Made of plastic, instead of the traditional wood, the Beehaus is even lighter than the Dartington hive. This is quite an achievement when you understand that the Dartington’s modular design was intended to assure lightweight components to make the lifting involved in its assembly and movement as easy on the owner’s back as possible. Even with the lighter weight, the Beehaus adds a double-wall insulation system to help keep the hive temperature above freezing in the winter.

The U.K.-based Omlet gained fame when it marketed the first chicken-rearing coup for urban dwellers. The “Eglu” coop, like the Beehaus, is plastic and was designed to make keeping chickens more manageable – even convenient – for urban dwellers.

One of the most noticeable innovations of the Beehaus is its appearance. Although modern commercial and popular amateur hives aren’t exactly unattractive, they’ve always been designed with functional efficiency in mind.   An attractive appearance was a . . . secondary consideration.

Not only is the Beehaus designed and marketed to be an attractive addition to the urban dweller’s yard, balcony, or rooftop, but it comes is a variety of colors.

Omlet’s Beehaus


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